The Laserina clinic, Sale, Manchester

PUBLISHED: 15:36 14 April 2015 | UPDATED: 11:25 20 August 2015

Irina Gorianova, the owner of the Laserina clinic with the Endermologie machine

Irina Gorianova, the owner of the Laserina clinic with the Endermologie machine


The Laserina clinic in Sale specialises in treatment that incorporates a healthy life style, eating in moderation, appropriate exercise routine and cutting edge slimming and anti ageing technology.

Irina loading up a Gold ThreadIrina loading up a Gold Thread

The LASERINA clinic is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year reporting no complaint  history. Its reputation is due to extensive medical experience and membership of numerous professional organisations giving staff unlimited access to new technologies and fresh knowledge.


Prior to setting up the LASERINA clinic, Irina Gorianova the owner, had worked for Transform Medical Group in Bowdon and managed two large surgical cosmetic clinics at Harley Street and Oxford Circus in London. She holds advanced Laser/IPL BTEC qualification and has been trained by LPG in France for Endermologie. Her clients always get an independent, honest and wide range of advice.


Irina and Dr Maciej Lichaj during Gold Thread Lift procedureIrina and Dr Maciej Lichaj during Gold Thread Lift procedure

“At the LASERINA clinic we don’t believe in diets and miracle lotions,” says Irina. “We believe in healthy life style, eating in moderation, appropriate exercise routine and cutting edge slimming and anti ageing technology. We never promised eternal youth to anybody but guarantee durable and efficient results with all our advanced BODY and FACE treatments. We can certainly turn the clock back and make you look toner, slimmer, younger and brighter. My clinic tends to focus on helping people of all walks of life by maintaining a high standard of ethical practice.”


The LASERINA clinic operates carefully selected top of the range technology. The advice given quiet often includes a combination of treatments to achieve the expectations of each customer. For instance, 3D ‘Instant’ Slimming Packages combine Inch Loss Body Wrap, Lipomassage by Endermologie and Ultrasonic LIPOSUCTION giving the customer the desired, trimmed and toned body. Packages vary in price and sessions allowing customers to choose the one they need. The 3D Skin Rejuvenation packages combine Ultrasonic DEEP SKIN, Mesotherapy with DERMAPEN and Photo-rejuvenation allowing reverse of the sun damage and gentle stimulation of underlying structures of the skin to maintain its durability, firmness and smoothness.

The treatment list extends to: Hair Removal, Vessels Removal, ROSACEA Treatment, Acne Treatments, acne SCARRING treatments, Deep tissue MASSAGE, Endermologie FACE LIFTING therapy, Pigmentation Removal, Bio Sculpture GEL Nails, Individual eyelash extensions, Skin Tags and Milia removal.

Skin Tag removalSkin Tag removal

The LASERINA clinic is located in Sale right opposite M&S car park on Washway Road. Customers can park on Oaklands Drive just 5 minute walk away from the clinic costing just 30 pence per hour. It is a central discreet location making it a “hidden gem” for relaxation and me-time in a friendly atmosphere.


Customers comment:

I was growing wiser and confident with age but at the same time I was loosing my young looking face. It lost its round contours I used to have when I was thirty and my jawline wasn’t as firm. The treatment course you advised me on did exactly what I wanted and I am very pleased with the result. Sue D.

I recently underwent a course of Ultrasonic Liposuction at the clinic and I have to say I’m delighted with the results. I have received many comments from family and friends saying how well I look, I have lost 2 inches around my waist and 6kgs in weight. It’s not just the facts and figures though, I feel great inside, full of confidence with my new look, I play football and I’ve noticed how much fitter I am and how much quicker my recovery time is when I play. Thanks Irina. Anthony.


From December 2013 the Laserina clinic offers its customers Gold Thread Face Lift. This method transplants 99.99% pure 0.1 mm Gold threads, as thin as human hair, into the depth of your skin without scarring, bleeding and use of general anaesthesia.


“It’s a more natural alternative to surgery and promises better results and the treatment, developed by doctors in the USA, China and Russia, might be worth its weight in gold as it’s one of the least invasive procedures on the market.” - By Laura Mitchell /Daily Star.


Clinic offers late and weekend appointments. Initial consultations are Free.


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