What's in my Bag? - Sarah Kate Russell owner of Petticoat Lane, Llandudno

PUBLISHED: 15:45 02 September 2011 | UPDATED: 19:55 20 February 2013

What's in my Bag? - Sarah Kate Russell

What's in my Bag? - Sarah Kate Russell

The secrets contained within a lady's handbag are many and varied. We ask one very busy working mum to show us what she carries around in hers PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOHN COCKS

Sarah Kate Russell, or Kate, as shes known to her friends is a lady with little spare time on her hands and shed be the first to say her handbag and its contents reflect that.

Not only is she a busy wife and mother, she owns and runs Petticoat Lane, a charming interiors and gift shop in Llandudno. This project which is dear to her heart takes up much of her time but the demands of family life are always there of course, she told me over lunch at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel, near Chester.

Kate is married to Andy and they have three children, Charlie, Bella and Amelie. Therefore her bag contains much more than the odd lipstick, comb and purse.

I suppose Im like many women in that I seem to carry half my life around in my bag. Its certainly a big one, because it has to be. I dont think you could call it a handbag, she laughed.

I try to keep it tidy but when I have a clear-out Im amazed at the things I find at the bottom. I did tidy it up a little before the Cheshire Life photographer took his pictures but I think you still get the general idea, she laughed.

Kate said this striking cream and grey tote is her current favourite bag. Inside it are nappies, wet wipes, various small toys, emergency make-up supplies, a book, a play script... and a few bits and pieces from the shop for good measure. Judging from those last couple of items, its no surprise that Kate is a bit of a thespian. With a friend, she runs Contrast Theatre Company.

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