Inside ITV horseracing race-day presenter Natalie Green’s wardrobe

PUBLISHED: 00:00 19 May 2020

Natalie Green

Natalie Green


Natalie Green is ITV’s newest recruit to its horse racing team. Here she talks about the role fashion plays in her professional, and personal life.

Natalie Green grew up deeply embedded in Cheshire’s equine scene and hoped somehow to make a career from her first love.

“I had just finished my master’s degree in journalism when I spotted an advert on, recruiting for a race-day presenter in Yorkshire. With my equine background and journalism training,

I knew it had to be mine. It was quite a rigorous interview process, but eventually I got the job, and it’s just gone on from there. I worked in Yorkshire for a while, but never really settled, so I went freelance and worked at different courses around the country. ITV reports from a different course each week and they came across me a few times when I was working at the same course – and eventually approached me to work for them. I am now officially a junior race day presenter for ITV, a job I started in January. It’s the culmination of an eight-year process for me: learning, building relationships, travelling up and down the country. It’s hard work and the days can be very tough – sometimes a four-hour drive to get to the meeting, then five hours working before the drive back. And oh, it can be cold! But for me, it’s not a job, it’s something I adore doing and when you love to do something, it doesn’t feel like work, does it?

“I think it’s fair to say that my other great love (apart from my husband) is fashion. Fashion is fun. From wellies and jodhpurs to boutique dresses and hats. I like that I can ride my horse and walk the dog not caring about the mud and the elements. Equally, when I slip (or squeeze) into that dress and pop on some heels it’s a transformation and it feels great. I appreciate it even more.”

A regular race-goer always needs a collection of hatsA regular race-goer always needs a collection of hats


This is a vintage dress, from Opera by Richards. I bought it on eBay. I do a lot of eBay searching, always on the lookout for things that are individual, things that are unique. The risk with going to the races so often is that there will be someone there in the same outfit as you.

Buying vintage means that I negate that risk – and of course it’s very environmentally friendly. The greatest challenge is in the sizing – current sizing bears no resemblance to that from 20 to 30 years ago. I have also been passed many amazing dresses by my friends’ mothers – I say: don’t be afraid to try it on and see.

For this one I bought faux-fur cuffs and they really change it up. I love a hat, too. They are a requirement at some meets, of course, but on a really sunny day they are vital – a really helpful sunscreen and eye-protector. Racecourses are very exposed, so there’s no relief if it is hot or cold and a hat makes a huge difference, winter and summer.

My Dressing Room feature with Natalie GreenMy Dressing Room feature with Natalie Green


This coat dress is by Desigual, a Spanish brand I really love.

It’s one of my absolute go-tos for flat racing.

People always ask where I got it. Steeplechasing race meets tend to be more ‘country glamour’, whereas flat racing is a little more high fashion, see and be seen, and in the summer months it’s very easy to get dressed up and be more adventurous with your outfits.

My Dressing Room feature with Natalie GreenMy Dressing Room feature with Natalie Green


This jumpsuit is by Diane von Furstenburg and is my absolute go-to for all evening occasions. I blummin’ love this jumpsuit!

It works for formal dinners, charity events and everything in between. I like to wear colours in the day, but at night black feels more dressy. I do add a little splash of colour, with my purple bag from Thomas Pink and my gorgeous shoes from Vivienne Westwood.

The necklace is vintage, another eBay find – and of course faux fur cuffs are perfect for winter outings.

My Dressing Room feature with Natalie GreenMy Dressing Room feature with Natalie Green


I have this outfit lined up for wearing at my next racing meeting with ITV – though of course we’re not sure when that might be, at the moment, and the weather may be very different.

As we enter the warmer months I like to celebrate leaving behind the depths of winter and reflect the change of season. All my work outfits need to be practical – in winter they need to be warm. We can work for four hours or more at temperatures below zero, plus windchill.

To this, if we’re at a jumps meet, I may add a purple trilby, or at a flat racing meet a fascinator or hat.

My Dressing Room feature with Natalie GreenMy Dressing Room feature with Natalie Green


This is my showjumping outfit. They have quite firm guidelines on dress. It’s all about presenting your horse and presenting yourself. You must wear clean boots, beige or white breeches, a smart fitted jacket and white shirt, with a neatly folded stock. This shirt is very light, perfect for hot days.

I have been riding since I was four years old. Nowdays, time constraints mean that I don’t ride as much as I would like and I can’t compete at weekends of course, with my job.

I own an ex-racehorse, Vision De La Vie. He’s a former three-mile steeplechaser, now trained for eventing, which consists of dressage, showjumping and cross-country. He’s amazing and just loves it.

My Dressing Room feature with Natalie GreenMy Dressing Room feature with Natalie Green


I have been saving this pink dress for a sunny day race meet. Pink is one of my favourite colours for spring and summer, so I hope I can wear it soon. It’s by Derhy, and I found it at Abi Fisher, in Tarporley. Abi’s taste and style is so in tune with my own. She’s the first person I go to for my ITV Racing outfits.

I like to have something different for every meeting and every meeting is different – the weather, the atmosphere, the racegoers, the expectations and anticipation...

When choosing a dress I have to consider all sorts of things. For example, for me the midi skirt is a great length, it’s elegant, but I don’t need to worry about a gust of wind suddenly causing problems.

My Dressing Room feature with Natalie GreenMy Dressing Room feature with Natalie Green


When I am not in my riding gear, taking Vision De La Vie out, I like to be ‘smart casual’.

Comfy jeans and a soft cashmere jumper are perfect for days when I am not working – dressed like this I can just throw on a pretty jacket and go out without thinking about it, but it’s easy for lounging about the house too – not that I do a great deal of that.

In these in-between months, a scarf is a great way to keep the chill off without covering up my outfit. I love a pair of wedges – I always try to wear wedges for work. They are both practical for walking on grass and comfortable to wear all day, while still being elegant. This outfit is from Abi Fisher – my style guru.

My Dressing Room feature with Natalie GreenMy Dressing Room feature with Natalie Green

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