Nantwich Life Under the Two Elizabeths exhibiton opening starts Jubilee celebrations

PUBLISHED: 13:55 01 June 2012 | UPDATED: 21:27 20 February 2013

Nantwich Life Under the Two Elizabeths exhibiton opening starts Jubilee celebrations

Nantwich Life Under the Two Elizabeths exhibiton opening starts Jubilee celebrations

A new exhibition inspired by the Queen's Diamond Jubilee examines life in Nantwich under the reign of two Elizabeths WORDS BY STUART ROBERTSON

A new exhibition inspired by the Queens Diamond Jubilee opens at Nantwich Museum on June 2nd.

Nantwich Life Under the Two Elizabeths offers a comparison of what life has been like in the town under the reign of our current Queen, and how things must have been during the reign of her predecessor, Elizabeth I, over 400 years ago.

The exhibition will occupy both galleries at the museum and have an emphasis on buildings, trade and commerce, food and health, and clothing. These will be illustrated with artefacts from the time.

The buildings section of the exhibition will be accompanied by a guided walk of the town to explain how the towns architecture has changed over the years.

Press officer at Nantwich Museum, Graham Dodd, said: I think this will be an essential part of Nantwichs Jubilee celebrations.

As well as the exhibition, the museum will be co-ordinating with other Jubilee events in the town to ensure that Nantwich celebrates this historic occasion in style.

It will also be hosting its own events such as tours of the town, talks at the museum and readings by the Nantwich Players.

The connection to our current Queen is clear, but Nantwichs connection to Elizabeth I may be a mystery to some people.

During Elizabeths 1s reign, Nantwich had an important military significance. English troops were being sent to Ireland to quell a rebellion that had begun as a response to Henry VIII, Elizabeths father, declaring himself King of Ireland. It had continued through to Elizabeths reign.

The revolt ended with a decisive English victory at Kinsale in 1601. However, during this time, Nantwich was on the route from London to Chester and North Wales and so troops would pass regularly through the town as they made the journey to Ireland.

Nantwich was a fairly affluent area during Elizabeths reign. But this affluence suffered a devastating blow on December 10th 1583. A fire engulfed all of Nantwichs main streets and damaged much of the town.

During the rebuilding process, Elizabeth personally donated 1,000 to the town and decreed that the residents should enjoy remission of customs on exported corn for the next 10 years.

Celebrating this historic connection with the former Queen was a major reason for establishing the exhibition.

It will provide an interesting cultural comparison between the two eras. Nantwich has come a long way since the fire of 1583.

Nantwich Life Under the Two Elizabeths: June 2nd September 1st. For more information visit or call 01270 627104

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