Louise Minchin on waiting for the post-lockdown haircut

PUBLISHED: 11:32 13 July 2020 | UPDATED: 11:32 13 July 2020

Louise Minchin

Louise Minchin


It might be a fringe event in the scale of things, but finding you’re not going grey is a silver lining for our columnist Louise

As life as we once knew it gingerly creeps back over the horizon, I’ve decided to take a lighter look at lockdown and the things I won’t take for granted again when we eventually get back to some form of normal.

Top of the list are the make-up artists at work. For the past eight years, every day without fail, they have managed to turn the sleepy-eyed, messy-haired version of me, into a well-groomed, neat and tidy presenter who is ready to sit on the BBC Breakfast sofa and face the nation. That they do this at 5am is incredible.

When the two-metre social distance rule came into effect they immediately had to stop working with us, and I was both devastated and slightly terrified. One of my frequent work anxiety dreams is that they are not there to help me, and from one day to the next, my nightmare became my reality.

My friend and Breakfast sport presenter Sally Nugent advised me to imagine my inner 16-year-old going out to a school disco – and to pile on the slap. I had to admit that even at that age I wasn’t a fan of make-up and anyone who knows me will say that unless I am at work, I seldom wear any at all. It was with some trepidation that I attempted my first day on telly without the team’s professional skills.

Make-up is one thing. Hair is quite another. A couple of days before lockdown I had an emergency cut and colour. At the time I presumed it would be six weeks or so before we would be allowed back to the hairdressers, and so all would be well. I was wrong.

Three months later and my hair is now longer than ever, and like everyone who is not brave enough to let their family loose on their locks, it is getting out of control. I have bought myself a pair of specialist scissors and every now and then trim my fringe to try and keep it out of my eyes, and I am attempting to stop myself doing anything more radical before I can get an appointment. On the upside I have discovered that contrary to what I had presumed, I am not going grey yet, which seems like some sort of mid-life miracle.


I’m looking forward to…

A really short haircut to make up for all the ones I have missed

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