Lauren Simon on all things Cheshire

PUBLISHED: 00:00 12 May 2020

Lauren Simon (c) Rachel Joseph

Lauren Simon (c) Rachel Joseph


The Real Housewife and lifelong county resident on how dog walks and ice cream make her Cheshire life

To me, home is…

Bowdon. I grew up in Altrincham and I am so fortunate to live here still. I just love it. I love the village feeling; I’m a real supporter of local businesses – I always buy my fresh fruit and veg from Altrincham Market and love to go for Sunday lunch at The Stamford Arms, where Dave the landlord always looks after us. It’s very different now to when I was growing up, it’s much more glamorous and sophisticated, but everything that’s important and real is still there, too.

Where do you head for a health kick?

I walk a lot. I have always been a walker. I take my dog out every day and we head to Dunham. I also love horseriding. I have ridden since I was very small;

I don’t own a horse, I always have them on loan. And I love to go out around the streets of Dunham; it’s a real feeling of rural calm.

And to indulge?

The new ice-cream parlour at Dunham Massey, sadly closed at the moment, of course, is fabulous. I walk the dog there and then we sit and I indulge myself with a vanilla-toffee ice-cream – putting back on all the calories I just walked off.

Where do you do some credit card damage?

For me it’s always holidays. I have a second home in Marbella which we go to a lot, so it’s flights to there, or holidays in Dubai or the Maldives, or ski trips.

I like bags and shoes and clothes, yes, but I feel we live too much in a disposable world and it’s experiences and memories and spending time with family that is most important.

Most romantic moment in Cheshire…

After a four-and-a-half year battle of a divorce I think I might swerve this question! But actually, I remember that when I was 18 I was so in love with a boy, and he was so in love with me, that he sent me red roses every single day for weeks.

If you could move into any building in Cheshire, it would be…

I don’t have one favourite, really. I do love the little church opposite the Stamford Arms. We used to go there every Christmas with school. It’s so pretty and I loved the way it made me feel.

Where do you go to relax?

I love a spa. I go to Hale Country Club with my mum.

Finest view in Cheshire?

I have to say, that for me it is my own back garden. I love being out there and I love plants.

I really enjoy RHS Tatton; it’s a real treat.

What I miss most about Cheshire when I am away…

My dog Pixie. I can’t take her with me when I travel.

I’m never happier than when I’m…

In my garden, with my children. Or at my friend’s caravan on Anglesey; it’s a total escape.

I like going back to basics, just running around with the kids and at the end of the day, sitting and talking and relaxing.

My Cheshire life, in three words:

Home. Glamour. Friends.

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