Whether feedback is good or bad, interaction is best for business

PUBLISHED: 00:00 30 September 2020

Katie Stabler Photo: Katie Stabler

Katie Stabler Photo: Katie Stabler


October’s top tips for business regeneration focus on embracing your customer interactions to boost the experience you deliver, leading to profitable business practice.

Listen and learn: Never underestimate how important it is to listen to what your customers are saying: now more than ever it’s crucial. Customers don’t really know how their feelings, wants, needs and expectations have changed until they have interacted with you in your newly adapted circumstances. It’s important to understand what’s changed for them and even more so, what they want to change.

Do you have great customer feedback? Use it: Nothing attracts a new customer more successfully than your current customers. Customers love independent reviews and they love valued recommendations from friends – this gives them the trust and confidence to engage with you. So, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback and more importantly, don’t hide it. Use public feedback platforms such as Trustpilot and splash your great feedback all over your social media platforms… in accordance with GDPR of course.

Your customer feedback isn’t so great? That’s even more reason to use it: Ok, so you definitely shouldn’t be sharing bad feedback publicly, but negative feedback is essential to development. If you do get negative feedback online, respond appropriately and positively, ensuring you represent your business in a way you are proud of. It’s not only important to respond to negative feedback, it’s also essential in improving your experience. Use this insight to understand where your customer ‘pain points’ are and work to remove those.

Recognise and reward your customer: Those customers who are regaining confidence and who are returning back into your embrace are a valuable asset. Increasing customer retention by just 5% increases your profits by 25 to 95 per cent. Do everything in your power to ensure your customers feel valued and are excited to return. This can be as simple as a well-curated thank you email. Or you can show your customers some love with a loyalty scheme or a discount on their next purchase.

Use great customer experience to provide a great employee experience: Let’s face it, you can’t have happy customers without happy employees so find your holy grail of interaction with an epic closed loop process. Great customer feedback = happy employees = great service = great customer feedback = happy employees.

Keep driving forward using the momentum you already have and never forget the importance of keeping your customer experience under a watchful eye.


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