Hollywood stuntman Ian Van Temperley on his love for Cheshire

PUBLISHED: 18:40 11 January 2013 | UPDATED: 22:37 20 February 2013

Hollywood stuntman Ian Van Temperley on his love for Cheshire

Hollywood stuntman Ian Van Temperley on his love for Cheshire

Cheshire stuntman Ian Van Temperley has done it all - taking the rough for Hollywood's smoothest leading men. He tells Cheshire Life he's ready to relax at home over the holidays<br/>WORDS BY CARL NAGAITIS

In the two decades Ian Van Temperley has been in the movie industry he has been shot countless times, sent flying through the air by violent explosions more than once and has often been engulfed in flames.

He has appeared in death-defying stunts in a vast range of award-winning productions from the Roman epic Gladiator, starring Russell Crowe, to the newly released sci-fi/fantasy adventure Cloud Atlas starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.

And as a result his address book is more like a Whos Who of Hollywood, featuring the names of some of the most high-profile movie stars in the business like Hugh Grant and Susan Sarandon. Ian is always busy and his work takes him to all corners of the globe but when he is not working he relaxes at his hideaway home in Seville.

Now however, Ian Van Temperley is coming home to Cheshire for the new year holidays to the Red Bull pub at Kingsley near Frodsham to be exact.

Actually my sister Naomi and I have invested in the pub which we knew when we were much younger. Naomi is licensee and is running the business but I hope to stay there when Im in the UK on business, said Ian, a former Tarporley High School pupil.

It is a real olde worlde pub with a great atmosphere. Actually, I suppose you could say it was my first local. I used to regularly call in when I lived nearby some years ago.

Born in Chester and raised in Runcorn, Tarporley and then Kingsley, Ian knows the area very well. In fact he first learned to ride ponies in this part of Cheshire, a skill which he has used to dramatic effect in many stunt scenes.

At one time Ian was a founding member of Horsemen of The Apocalypse, a group of accomplished riders who put together a series of high-powered demonstrations of their superb abilities in the saddle.

When I left school I wanted to be a stunt man but when I told my careers officer he just burst into laughter,recalled Ian. I didnt have any other ambitions and I wasnt sure what to do.

Ian decided that the army might provide a useful career and signed up for three and a half years.

It was just after the Falklands Conflict, recalled Ian. I joined the Cheshire Regiment and served in Northern Ireland and Canada for public duties. I learned a great deal but the experience didnt change my ambition in any way. I was still determined to be a stuntman.

When I came out of the Army, I went to the USA and worked on a ranch as a cowboy for a year. Then I headed back to Cheshire and tracked down a former stuntman Id met called Gerard Naprous. He helped me enroll on a Joint Industry Stunt Co-ordination course, which equipped me with the skills which are constantly in demand by the modern film industry.

I was over the moon. The training was superb and gave me the skills I needed. Ill never forget my first job as a stunt man. It was for a TV show called: And the Beat Goes On and it quickly led to offers of more TV work.

Today Ian Van Temperley is in constant demand. His role in the new sci-fi epic Cloud Atlas involved him doubling for movie star Tom Hanks. And he was also drafted in to be the stunt double for Robbie Williams latest pop video Candy which includes a scene where the singer is apparently knocked flying by a speeding car.

In fact Ians name pops up in the credits of a growing number of smash hit movies like Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and Clash of the Titans 2. In fact he has just doubled for mega star Jim Carrey in Kick-Ass 2.

However, his success can be incredibly demanding on his time. This year has involved him jetting off first to Madrid for two months and then onto Venezuela where he spent a further two months on an intensive filming assignment.

So my plan is to spend time in Cheshire and staying at the Red Bull is something I am really looking forward to. Christmas and New Year in England will be a treat for me.

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