Power dressing: Hanna Kinsella’s wardrobe choices

PUBLISHED: 09:15 14 December 2020

When relaxing at home, Hanna wants comfort with style

When relaxing at home, Hanna wants comfort with style


Real Housewife of Cheshire and dentist Hanna Kinsella tells us about the role fashion plays in her personal and professional life

Fight fire with fire... Red is Hanna's colour choice in the face of conflictFight fire with fire... Red is Hanna's colour choice in the face of conflict

Hanna Kinsella stepped firmly into the, often harsh, public gaze when she joined the cast of love-it-or-hate-it reality show, Real Housewives of Cheshire. The show title is a bit of a misnomer, it has to be said, as not one of the women involved is even close to being a housewife and Hanna herself owns and runs a private dentistry practise.

“I decided I wanted to be a dentist at 16,” she says. “My teachers said I wouldn’t get the A-level grades I needed, but I wasn’t going to let them tell me I wasn’t clever enough and worked hard to make it happen. While at dentistry school in Liverpool I told everybody I would own my own practice before I was 30. People laughed, but the day before my 30th birthday I signed the papers on Kiln Lane Dental, in St Helen’s, and made it my own.

Hanna hasn't lost her love of fashion during her pregnancyHanna hasn't lost her love of fashion during her pregnancy

“For me setting goals and working to achieve them is a huge part of who I am, and fashion has its part to play in that too. Ever since I was little it’s been a big part of my life. I have memories of shopping with my mum, playing dress up and make believe – and that’s still I think a role fashion has for me today. Your clothes are a reflection of you – you can dress for your mood or to create a mood.

“I spend most of every day in my scrubs, hair scraped back and very far from being ‘glam’, so out of work I really like to get dressed up. Being on RHOC has really helped with that – it’s really brought out the glam side of my wardrobe and yes, sometimes I choose outfits to give me confidence in the face of dispute...”

Every girl needs an LBD!Every girl needs an LBD!


Every woman needs a Little Black Dress. This one, from Aria Cove on ASOS, is my absolute go-to. I love the sparkly balls running down the front, which I like to reflect with a pair of statement earrings. And ruching suits me so well, it’s a bit of a motif in my glamorous gowns – though I am not sure I shall fit in this one much longer, with my bump growing so fast.

Hanna's working days are spent in comfortable scrubs
Hanna's working days are spent in comfortable scrubs

Open wide

My scrubs are fundamental to my professional self. As well as being clinically appropriate, they are super comfortable for all-day wear and getting into some uncomfortable positions leaning over patients.

A very special memory is attached to this dress.A very special memory is attached to this dress.

A decent proposal

This white dress is very special to me. It’s what I was wearing when my husband, Martin, proposed. We were in New York, having lunch in The Monkey Bar. He did the full down on one knee thing, and presented a ring he had had designed and made. Who could say no?

Red boosts Hanna's confidence in the face of potential strifeRed boosts Hanna's confidence in the face of potential strife

Confidence booster

I wear red when I need to feel strong. This fiery number, from Oh Polly, is one I wore on an episode of RHOC, to a dinner party. Dinner parties never go well on our show, there’s usually a bit of a flare-up, so it’s good to feel prepared. It’s hard to feel sexy while pregnant, but this one looks amazing and I love anything with a good sleeve.

Hanna loves bold coloursHanna loves bold colours

Lunch date

Martin and I both lead hugely busy lives, so spending time over a meal in a favourite restaurant is important to us. This is my absolute go-to lunch with my husband outfit. I love bold colours and adore this vibrant pink blazer – and it works perfectly with my black faux-leather maternity leggings. I am still fine with my heels, at the moment – but who knows, that may change as the pregnancy advances, so for now I shall go glam whenever I am able.

An outfit to take Hanna right through her pregnancyAn outfit to take Hanna right through her pregnancy

Dress up

At the moment we can’t talk about fashion without talking about maternity wear. I went out and had a lot of fun buying a whole new maternity wardrobe last month, as I am expanding rapidly. This shirt, from I Saw It First, will take me right through to my due date – and beyond. I want to be comfortable yet still glamorous – and the maternity-wear leather leggings I partner this with go a long way to helping with that. They’re from Top Shop and I love them. I work with a lovely personal stylist, Beth Jones, and we are always on the lookout for new and upcoming designers to work with when choosing clothes for me. I like to mix high end/designer brands with good quality high street pieces, and we love seeking out smaller independent brands on Instagram. At the moment my favourite high street brands are Zara, Mango and Reiss and I admit to a bit of a thing for are Saint Laurent and Prada. Beth introduced me to the Manchester brand, Lavish Alice and their dresses are perfect for going out for dinner or drinks with the girls. She also found an independent boutique in Liverpool, Kirsty Doyle, which has become a bit of a go-to for evening dresses.

Comfy, cosy and cuddly...Hanna's dress down favoruiteComfy, cosy and cuddly...Hanna's dress down favoruite

Dress down

After a busy day, when we have a night at home, nothing is more important than snuggling up in something super-comfy, even when I am not pregnant. I love a knitted dress, but as every woman who has ever tried on a jumper dress will tell you, it’s ridiculously hard to find something that looks good, wears well and is comfortable. This one I found at Glamify Fashion and once I had tried one on, I bought it in all three colours. This is my cosy, comfortable, stay home and draw the curtains, curl up on the sofa with my husband outfit. I so look forward to pulling it on at the end of a day in clinic, I can tell you.

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