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PUBLISHED: 11:12 17 March 2010 | UPDATED: 16:54 20 February 2013

Purple Haze

Purple Haze

Time away from the spectacular views of North Wales ignited Glyn Price's passion for painting

It was when 29-year-old Glyn Price from Cwm-y-glo moved away from home for the first time to study fine art at the University of Gloucester in Cheltenham, that an important realisation occurred within him. The change of scenery made him realise how much the Welsh countryside meant to him.
Moving away was a massive change for me. It took me a while to get used to the flat landscapes because at home I am surrounded by mountains and slate quarries. I soon discovered that I couldnt paint the landscape because it didnt mean anything to me. Cheltenham made me realise how lucky I am and how I shouldnt take the scenery in Wales for granted. I wanted to document the countryside in my own individual style when I came home after completing my degree in 2002 and because I am a local lad it made me more determined to show the views off, he said.
Glyn regularly walks the Snowdonia landscape with friends and family to take pictures which he then works from in his studio in Llanberig. Glyn said: I am used to copying small things and making them bigger because that is what I used to do as a child. I was never interested in staying indoors I just wanted to be outside because the countryside was a major part of my childhood and it always captured my imagination.
His art work is featured in galleries in North Wales and London and he has sold work as far as Canada. Each of Glyns art pieces means something to him but there is one piece which he holds most closely to his heart. The Llanberis area has always inspired me to paint. The view of the Llanberis pass with the native built Dolbadarn Castle and Snowdon in the background is just incredible. The castle for me is a symbol and testimony to Llywellyn, the prince of Gwynedds, influence and support in Wales, he added.
Glyn has been working on a six foot acrylic painting of local Welsh pop group Brigyn, with the Llanberis slate quarry in the background. Glyn believes that it is important to document local people who continue to be faithful to their heritage.
To create distinctive flowing lines Glyn uses a big biro which he fills in with watercolours. His techniques have been inspired by artists Van Gogh and William Turner. Glyn said: I have always admired Van Goghs individual style. I react to what is in front of me so every painting is different, there is no process that I go through. William Turner is a great British inspiration, his paintings of the Welsh scenery are brilliant. I try to make my paintings alive and be more than life itself by concentrating on tone, colour and shape.
Glyn works as an Education Officer four days a week for GISDA, a homeless charity for young people based in Caernarfon. He has also worked with three primary schools to produce a mural painting in an underpass tunnel in Bangor.
Glyn believes that he now has a better balance in his life, he said: I really enjoy my job and it is nice to be able to help other people and get away from my art work. Being an artist can be quite lonely, by having another job it takes the pressure off selling the paintings. Seeing children really enthusiastic about their work and wanting to show off the mural is brilliant. It really puts the hard times into perspective and makes me realise why I love painting. My family have been very supportive of me and I am happy to carry on producing fresh work and exploring more of what North Wales has to offer.
To see more of Glyns art visit his website

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