The Alberti twins from Alderley Edge on food and love

PUBLISHED: 11:36 14 February 2019 | UPDATED: 11:36 14 February 2019

Making a splash, John and Tony Alberti

Making a splash, John and Tony Alberti


Alderley Edge’s Alberti twins offer the recipe for romance this Valentine’s Day

Alberti twins on the Today ShowAlberti twins on the Today Show

Are we going on a dating website here? the Alberti twins ask me halfway into our interview.

It’s a fair response to the fact I have been quizzing the Alderley Edge-based twosome about romance in the run up to St Valentine’s Day, probing them for tips on how to impress the ladies.

For this they seem well equipped. Not only are they both tall, dark, handsome and Italian but they can cook. They also have a wicked sense of humour, or do they? Perhaps they are really serious when they admit to having women queuing around the corner to date them and bragging about how gorgeous they are.

The lookalike hunks rose to fame on the first ever Love Island so it seems slightly absurd that their reality show shenanigans led to a career in cooking on American TV and a new cookbook.

‘We do a lot of cooking on TV in America,’ explains John.

‘The whole thing started when we were on Love Island in 2015, the first series. We didn’t go on there to find girls or anything like that. We didn’t have a problem getting girls, we went because it was good exposure for ourselves.

‘Since then we started our blog, Food Fashion and Lifestyle, and appeared on YouTube in Cooking Italian at Home with the Alberti Twins and from that one of the producers called from the Today Show on NBC in New York.

‘So it all started with America. The cookbook is with an American publisher not in the UK. It’s called Twintastico Italian Cooking at Home with the Alberti Twins and it’s going to be about cooking a traditional Italian meal from start to finish.’

Adds Tony: ‘We like to be inventive in the kitchen so we have what we call twintastico twists. We do a lot of traditional Italian food but we like to put our own spin on them as well.’

‘Coming from an Italian family we were always surrounded by food and cooking and that’s where our passion was born. There’s a bit of a biography in the book too. We’ve got a lot about our family in there. This is our debut cook book to tell everyone about us. A lot of people in the UK know us for Love Island but we want them to get to know us for our passion about cooking. We want to tell the story of our Nonna and where she came from in Italy and how she taught us to cook.’

They were brought up mostly in Cheshire but they hold fast to their Italian roots and are lucky that their parents also have a house in Tuscany, near Lucca.

‘I think we always knew growing up that we’d work together. We had similar interests, similar friends, the same passions,’ says John.

‘We’re recognised everywhere. Being twins we stand out from the crowd...looking as good as we do! We don’t look like cooks, we’ve got tattoos...we’re handsome...

‘We are like the Dolce and Gabbana of cookery. We look good and cook good.’

In spite of their many attractive qualities, including on the evidence of one telephone interview, the ability to make you laugh, they are both single at the moment.

‘We’re very picky and have a specific type. We have high standards,’ they say.

‘We love the Mediterranean looks. Dark hair, tanned skin, dark eyes... really Italian looking girls.’

But the big attraction for them both is personality.

‘Personality is a big thing,’ says Tony.

‘They can be beautiful but we wouldn’t find them attractive if they hadn’t got a good personality or that spark. It’s all in the eyes they have to have that spark in the eyes.’

So if they do get a date for St Valentine’s Day, how would they impress her?

‘We’re famous for our Italian balls. You can’t get more romantic than spaghetti and meatballs. That’s always a winner for the girls. I think that’s what we’ll be cooking on Valentine’s Day. We did a Valentine’s Day special in On the Today Show in New York last year and that’s what we cooked. Italian food is all about simplicity. You should let the ingredients speak for themselves and not mess around with them too much. You can do the lady and the Tramp thing with the spaghetti too. It never fails that.

‘Obviously, being Italian we always say we invented romance. We’re better in the kitchen, better in the bedroom we always say. I think this generation have lost that romantic thing. Being Italian it’s in your blood to be romantic and you bring that passion to everything you do. It’s got to be very personal to the girl.’

Obviously with their career taking off across the Atlantic they have little time to spend at home in Alderley Edge but when they’re back they enjoy the simple things of life, including family gatherings around a table full of Italian food.

Says John: ‘We’re countryside boys, not city centre boys. We like the scenery and stuff, especially coming from Italy. That’s why we like Alderley Edge. It’s an out of the way, village.’

And for the future?

‘We want to carry on with the cook books as we have ideas for others, possibly even ones for children. And we always said we wanted to open our own restaurant and cafe bars. We want to get our own products in the supermarkets too. We have our own branding, Irresistibly Italian, and want to get out our own sauces, pastas pizza and meatballs. We’d do the whole range. We’re thinking big scale really,’ explains John.

‘The TV stuff is fun and we enjoy doing it but it’s the restaurant stuff we want to get into.

‘It’s exciting. I think a lot of big things are coming. Love Island was a great platform and we had a lot of fun on the show but everything we’ve done we’ve achieved ourselves .

‘There are so many people go on these talent shows. We always say if you haven’t got a talent, or an end goal you’re not going to last. We knew the cooking would be a big part but everything we’ve done we are very proud that we’ve done it ourselves.’

Jokes Tony: ‘We say thank you to ourselves!’

‘We believe in ourselves and believe in our talent. We are lucky that we stand out from the crowd.’

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