What the locals really think of Marple and Marple Bridge

PUBLISHED: 00:00 05 January 2015 | UPDATED: 08:15 01 September 2016

Peak Forest Canal, Marple

Peak Forest Canal, Marple


You can live life and love life in Marple and Marple Bridge. It has so much to offer

Marple Bridge and the River GoytMarple Bridge and the River Goyt

Cool stuff to love about Marple and Marple Bridge...the bridge, the countryside, the shops and the people. Could this be something of a property hotspot?

It’s got great transport links into Manchester and has already attracted an influx of young professionals who want to escape city living but still feel the urge to dip into it every now and then.

Visit Marple Bridge and fall in love with the picturesque bridge spanning the River Goyt, indulge in real foodie delights at its delis and, cafes and shop at a much more relaxed pace.

There’s a youthful energy about the area and while Marple Bridge is in all senses a modest village its low key nightlife revolves around two foodie pubs and a buzzing restaurant.

Of course the bigger Marple, a ten minute walk away, is where residents can find even more to enhance this thriving community: more places to eat, good shopping and even a cinema on the doorstep and there’s the spectacular vista of Marple Ridge to enjoy along the way.

We strolled the streets, talked to the locals and found lots to do in an afternoon. Not only did it prove a place to dwell but a surprising getaway location. We had coffee, visited the fine arts and crafts church, wandered around the shops and had a lovely long lunch, feeling exactly as we would had we travelled further afield.



Diane ThompsonDiane Thompson

Diane Thompson

Owner of Browse boutique on Town Street, Marple Bridge

Why Marple and Marple Bridge?

I opened in 1992 and did two years in Marple before moving to Marple Bridge - just after the bridge collapsed. I lived here at the time and thought it was so pretty and a pleasant place to work and always loved fashion and I have now built up a loyal clientele throughout the years which is really nice.

When you’re here

You can buy your clothes then there’s Libby’s and Dutsons up the road where you can go for lunch. Thanks to them it has become quite a foodie place to be.


I love Marple Bridge in the summer when the hanging baskets are out. It’s a very pretty spot and I’ve always loved it.


Emma GregoryEmma Gregory



Emma Gregory

Owns Harry Thomas hairdressers on Town Street, Marple Bridge

Why Marple and Marple Bridge?

This was originally the site of a barber’s shop and the previous owner had it for 40 years. I was trained in men’s hairdressing but we changed it into both gents and ladies hairdresser so we could include my son Thomas in the business. We’ve been here since last April, transforming the place from a very old fashioned business into something more contemporary.

When you’re here

The whole village is worth visiting. You can easily get here on the train from Manchester which is why it has become so popular with people who have made the transition from the city centre and places like Didsbury. The schools are good here and it’s a bit calmer. In the last couple of years it has really turned around.

Loves Dutsons and Libby’s for lunch.

Jennifer ComptonJennifer Compton



Jennifer Compton

Lives in Mellor and owns Jenni-Fleurs
in Marple Bridge

Why Marple and Marple Bridge?

Fate brought me here. I lived in Cornwall and came up here to be with my daughter who suggested I went to adult education classes. I hadn’t intended to study flowers but had always loved them and by chance the only course available was floristry. I decided to give it a whirl and adored it. Then this shop came up for sale and my son said I should give it a go.

When you’re here We can offer a personal service, dress houses for special occasions or you can just come in and choose a beautiful bouquet.

Loves The river. We have a resident heron and kingfishers too, so people just come and stand and look over the wall. It’s fantastic. I do it regularly.


Paul and Matthew DutsonsPaul and Matthew Dutsons



Paul and Matthew Dutsons

Own Dutsons, Marple Bridge

Why Marple and Marple Bridge?

We opened two and a half years ago. Matthew had been in the business working at the Lowry Hotel and Paul for Majestic wines and we came up with the idea of putting the two businesses together. it was an obvious step and something we’d always wanted to do.

When you’re here

You can visit us for everything from a cup of coffee to lunch or to buy wines, locally sourced cheeses and other deli treats. We try to source our produce as locally as possible.

Loves Going to the Norfolk Arms pub to unwind when we get the chance.

Frank LeonardFrank Leonard



Frank Leonard

Proprietor Talisman Books, Marple Bridge

Why Marple and Marple Bridge?

I’ve been here for 35 years. It’s the last independent second hand bookshop in Stockport.

When you’re here

Hear the story of the man who simply disappeared. We had a Saturday boy. He was just about to get his bus when a man came in and went upstairs. He sat and waited but nobody came down again. We’ve had other similar stories told about people disappearing. The theory is it’s a ghostly portal of some sort.

Loves The Roman Lakes. They are very popular, especially in summer (and he clearly loves telling a good yarn too).

The Morley FamilyThe Morley Family



The Morley Family

Julia Morley, Gary Morley with sons Matthew and Thomas, local residents

Why Marple and Marple Bridge?

We liked the fact there were places we could take the children to, but that we could easily get to Manchester as well. There’s Libby’s, Dutsons and the Midland and Norfolk pubs nearby and Gary is a keen cyclist so the easy access to the countryside and the Peak District suits him perfectly.

While you’re here

I’d definitely say go to Brabyns Park then head to Libby’s for coffee and cake after your walk.

Loves Walking in Brabyns Park.

Yvonne Goldsmith-RybkaYvonne Goldsmith-Rybka



Yvonne G.R. Erskine

Director of The Bay Horse and Saddle Club, Northern Quarter, Manchester and freelance food and travel writer

Why Marple and Marple Bridge?

We knew fairly little about Marple Bridge when we first moved here over ten years ago. We chose our house, a 17th Century townhouse, as the area had a real sense of community. It’s a very small village with so much character from all the old buildings, and being a conservation area we knew the charm would remain. As we have always had dogs the area was ideal as we enjoy being outside and taking long walks, we have Brabyns Park and the Roman Lakes on our doorstep.

Since we moved here, we have also had a daughter. Her school, Ludworth Primary, is rated in the top 1% of state primary schools in the country. The area has also seen much development with new businesses opening on Town Street. As a result the area is now much younger and more desirable with house prices increasing. Marple Bridge train station is only two minutes away with a twenty minute commute into Manchester Piccadilly.

When you’re here

Visit Libby’s. I go here during the day for the best cakes and coffee in the area, everything is made fresh on the premises too but it’s very busy so get there early to avoid disappointment. And go to Dutsons too.


Talisman Books. A ‘proper’ second hand bookshop with plenty of hardback first editions, just full of great finds for any true book lovers!


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