The outdoor experience in Alderley Edge

PUBLISHED: 00:00 18 July 2016

Alderley Edge London Road

Alderley Edge London Road


Alderley Edge is the place to experience the great outdoors in unusual ways, writes Janet Reeder

Fancy an evening in an enchanted garden or an opportunity to run an unusual five mile road race for charity?

There are many ways to do something different in the great outdoors at Alderley Edge.

The natural beauty of the wooded escarpment from which the village takes its name, is certainly ideal for summer strolls along leafy lanes and picnics along the deep sandstone ridge.

There are amazing views across the Cheshire Plain but there are other attractions that make this a must-visit destination in the summer months.

Visit The Alderley Edge Hotel, where their head chef Sean Sutton uses the freshest produce plucked straight from the kitchen garden at the hotel.

A new manager, Mark Huntley, replaces Ahmet Kurcer who retired last month after a long and distinguished career. The hotel intends to remain as a fabulous destination. When the weather is fine everything in the garden here is simply lovely!

There are many ways to explore the outdoors in the summer months here as we have discovered.

Sadie Pickering (left) with Radnor Band members, Mike Billington, Chris Joe Beard, Rosa Sheard and Andy Stark at The YardSadie Pickering (left) with Radnor Band members, Mike Billington, Chris Joe Beard, Rosa Sheard and Andy Stark at The Yard

Legends of the Edge

The myth and legends of Alderley Edge are being celebrated on July 16th in a multi-media acoustic project, featuring a five piece band, a narrator and projected images.

It’s an event which brings to life the myths, legends, stories, lives and loves of that mysterious escarpment in North East Cheshire known as The Edge of Alderley, also made famous by Alan Garner’s ‘The Weirdstone Of Brisingamen’.

Says organiser Sadie Pickering of The Yard: It was first performed in the 1980s as The Edge at NW festivals and concerts and became two highly rated radio show ‘specials’ one featuring Lancashire folk legend the late Harry Boardman.

‘The programme includes one traditional folk song, ‘The Nutting Girl’, songs of legendary wizards, sleeping knights, characters/stories from the 15th century up to 1940. Enchanted wells, loves and lives found and lost, illustrate the magic beyond this wonderous place… our heritage in words and song.’

It has now been revived after 30 years due to many requests and was performed at The Yard in Alderley Edge last March. It will be performed by Radnor at an as yet, secret location, outdoors in Alderley Edge at 6pm for a 7.30pm start. The performance will be finished by 9pm.

Tickets £25 which includes a picnic. To book visit

Naomi Langford-ArcherNaomi Langford-Archer

Secret garden supper club

Obviously, the locals are spoilt for choice with all the wine bars and restaurants that attract a glamorous ‘set’ but what about a dining experience with a difference?

Located in a secret garden, the Secret Garden Supper Club on July 7th features a celebration of the season, we are told, in a dreamy magical setting.

Guests will be taken on an edible tour of the garden and each individual ingredient will be given a chance to shine on its journey from earth to table.

Naomi Langford-Archer from the Kelsall-based Olivia May fashion brand will be staging a catwalk show featuring ethereal, bohemian ranges including Magnolia Pearl, Les Ours, Les Filles D’ailleurs and Ewa I Walla complimented by jewellery from Senhoa, an ethical range sourced from Cambodia.

She says: ‘The idea is that the models/waitresses will be wearing the clothes as they serve the diners and then do a fashion show at the end. It is something very different for us, as the only thing we’ve done outdoors before are photoshoots, we’ve never done anything like this.

‘I think there’s going to be a real festival vibe, as there will be psychic readings ad live music. There’s definitely going to be a hippy-ish feel.’ For further information call 01625 586962

Kerry Wright and Carly Bateman at BarrecoreKerry Wright and Carly Bateman at Barrecore


Alderley Edge is the only location outside London to have its own dedicated Barrecore studio.

The Barrecore exercise regime, which is a cross between yoga, pilates and ballet conditioning, using the barre to support body weight creates lean muscle to transform the body within a few sessions.

Sarah Emblow, who launched the Alderley Edge studio on London Road after getting hooked on classes in London says: ‘People see a difference in four to six classes, so it works quickly. If you continue doing it every two or three days it keeps the process of building lean muscle going, streamlining the body.’

When the weather is fine, Sarah’s team hosts a class called Run to the Barre, which involves an outside run which is stretched out at the barre. It’s also possible to continue with classes at home or on holiday with online sessions.

‘They cost £4 and there are 40 different classes you can do,’ explains Sarah.

For further information visit

Run the Alderly BypassRun the Alderly Bypass

Alderley bypass five mile run

On Sunday July 3rd hundreds of runners had the unusual opportunity of running the entire five mile length of the Alderley bypass.

The run was first launched before the road was opened and it was such a success that Andrew Whittingham of Run North West had the idea of continuing it as an annual event.

‘We have about 600 entries so far this year with more signing up. The road is quite popular for runners even when there is traffic so it’s quite a good location for the run,’ says race director Andrew.

‘The idea is that it will help to motivate people to participate in running and exercise while raising money for worthy causes, so there’s a one mile fun run at 9.40am as well as the 9.30am race.

‘There’ll be food and drink stalls and a massage facility and Tag Heuer watches for the winners. It should be a good day.’

Anyone who wishes to take part can register up until the night before. For details visit

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