11 adorable dogs at Cheshire Dogs’ Home in Warrington

PUBLISHED: 00:00 07 October 2019 | UPDATED: 09:01 07 October 2019

Simba and Skyla

Simba and Skyla

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Alisha Davis visits Cheshire Dogs’ Home in Warrington and meets some four-legged friends looking for their human companion.

For a dog lover like me - and possibly you - giving up a beloved pet is unthinkable. But each year more than 250,000 dogs throughout the UK find themselves homeless, and without places like Cheshire Dogs' Home in Warrington, their futures could be far bleaker.

The home has been taking in stray dogs in its current location for nearly 21 years, and although it's in partnership with the council in its efforts to keep strays off the street, it's funded entirely on donations, both financial and more personal. The home relies on more than 80 volunteers to donate their time to walk the dogs, show them love and even spend time reading to them.

'Our volunteers help us massively when it comes to fundraising,' says the home's manager, Anna Stansfield. 'Throughout the year we hold numerous events, one being our summer fair hosted here at the home. Volunteers and workers love it as we're often visited by ex-residents. When an ex-resident comes back and is unrecognisable, it's the most wonderful feeling and makes our work worthwhile.'

The rescue centre can keep up to a maximum of 120 dogs, which means they have given thousands of dogs a second chance at creating new and happy lives. 'Over the years we've seen a range of different breeds come to us. At the moment, we're seeing an increase in Huskies and Akitas. Dogs like these need a lot of stimulation and exercise. Without that, they can become quite destructive and develop behavioural issues, which often leads to them being given up.'

Analysing the dogs' behaviour is a key element of the re-homing process. The canine carers make an effort to really know the dogs' needs and wants so that when it comes to potential adopters, a perfect match can be made.

If you're thinking of adopting a rescue dog, do your due diligence and consider whether you have the time and effort to offer them the care and attention they need. Interested? Meet eleven potential canine companions looking for a home right now…



Breed: Lurcher

Age: 2

Likes: Bounding in fields

Dislikes: Being left alone

Ideal home: Adult only home that is willing to continue his training and allow him to burn off his puppy energy.



Breed: Bulldog Cross

Age: 4

Likes: Chasing tennis balls

Dislikes: Cats

Ideal home: A home with sensible older children that is able to handle a strong dog.



Terrier Cross

Age: 5

Likes: Belly rubs

Dislikes: Cats

Ideal home: An active family that is able to take him on long walks.



Breed: Border Collie

Age: 2

Likes: Doing tricks

Dislikes: Cats

Ideal home: An active home with children 14 years and older where he can be active and use his brain.



Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Age: 7.5

Squeaky toys

Dislikes: Cats

Ideal home: 
A home without children to have time to continue his socialisation.

Behind the scenes with SimbaBehind the scenes with Simba


Breed: Akita Cross

Age: 3

Likes: Playing with his sister Skyla

Dislikes: Being left alone

Ideal home: An active home with lots of space to play and burn off energy with his sister.



Breed: Akita Cross

Age: 3

Likes: Playing with her brother Simba

Dislikes: Being left alone

Ideal home: An active home with lots of space to play and burn off energy with her brother.



Breed: Pointer Cross

Age: 2.5

Likes: Cuddles

Dislikes: Cats

Ideal home: An active household with older children with no cats or small animals.



Breed: Medium Crossbreed

Age: 10

Likes: Rolling on her back

Dislikes: Being on her own

Ideal home: No other animals and a sofa to call her own.



Breed: Mastiff Cross

Age: 7.5

Likes: Holding your hand

Dislikes: Waiting for his walk

Ideal home: A home with no cats and that can stick to a good routine to limit his stress



Breed: Poodle Cross

Age: 5

Likes: Dancing

Loud noises

Ideal home: Someone energetic to keep Buddy entertained and help him overcome his shyness.

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