Weight loss explained: what is SkinnyJab and how does it work?

PUBLISHED: 12:03 14 October 2020

Kerry Katona (centre) with SkinnyJab founder, Caroline Balazs (third from right) and some of the SkinnyJab team. Image: SkinnyJab

Kerry Katona (centre) with SkinnyJab founder, Caroline Balazs (third from right) and some of the SkinnyJab team. Image: SkinnyJab


It’s the million-dollar question: how do I lose weight?

SkinnyJab founder Caroline Balazs (left) with Gemma Collins, SkinnyJab brand Ambassador. Image: SkinnyJabSkinnyJab founder Caroline Balazs (left) with Gemma Collins, SkinnyJab brand Ambassador. Image: SkinnyJab

Superfoods, superfads, diets, exercise – for most of us it is a never-ending quest to be slimmer, healthier, and happier which often leaves us overwhelmed, confused and no lighter.

Enter weight loss injections, one of the latest methods offering a potential shortcut to shedding fat.

Well known faces Gemma Collins and Kerry Katona have reported shedding the pounds using one such product, SkinnyJab. But what’s in it, and how does it work?

To help us balance the scales of fact from fiction, we’ve asked Caroline Balazs, founder of SkinnyJab, to tell us more.

Before / after - Kerry Katona shows her trimmer figure. Image: SkinnyJabBefore / after - Kerry Katona shows her trimmer figure. Image: SkinnyJab

Q: Let’s cut to the chase - what is SkinnyJab?

SkinnyJab is a bespoke and tailored weight loss programme using a combination of licensed prescription medication together with a specific dietary and exercise plan to achieve results quickly and safely.

Q: What is in SkinnyJab, and how does it work?

The medication used as part of the SkinnyJab programmes is called Liraglutide, this is an approved drug designed specifically for helping weight reduction.

It works safely and effectively in a few ways; it suppresses the appetite, reduces cravings for sweet and fatty foods and works really efficiently on converting stored fat into energy which results in loss of excessive body fat.

Q: Are fat burning injections safe?

I would stress that not all fat burning or weight loss drugs are safe. There are lots of varieties out there, many are not approved or licenced, so are potentially very dangerous.

SkinnyJab is a healthcare company with qualified, medical professionals using only safe products that have completed extensive research and passed several years of clinical trials. Our ethos is centred around healthcare promotion and prevention of disease associated with weight gain.

Q: What triggers weight loss?

It sounds simple but weight loss is triggered by eating less calories than the body requires to function. However, by ‘starving’ the body of the correct amount of energy can cause the metabolism to slow down and frustratingly for some, can be counterproductive to losing weight.

It is important to seek the advice from a health professional before embarking on any weight loss plan. All in-house practitioners at SkinnyJab are specialists in diabetes and obesity management.

Q: How can I accelerate my weight loss?

I appreciate why people want an immediate way to lose weight but it’s important to understand that weight loss should be steady and always controlled with adequate monitoring.

Reducing raw sugar consumption and increasing physical activity both help with losing weight. This is easier said than done!

The SkinnyJab programmes are full of nutritional hints, tips and exercise workouts to assist along the way for a quicker, more successful outcome.

The efficacy of the medication helps with sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regime. This ensures the whole experience is more productive, less boring and far easier to achieve weight loss goals throughout the journey.

Q: How can I lose tummy fat?

Tummy fat is one of the areas I am asked about most often. And who doesn’t want to get rid of that extra fat around our middle, right?

The medication used in the SkinnyJab programmes is specifically designed to target fatty, stubborn areas which is perfect for when trying to lose weight around the abdominal region.

To book a consultation or to find out more, visit skinnyjab.co.uk or call the 24/7 call centre on 0800 955 6888 or 0161 907 6942.

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