‘If you could be a Queen for one day, what kind of Queen would you be?’

PUBLISHED: 12:57 17 May 2018 | UPDATED: 13:38 17 May 2018

Romina Fochesatto

Romina Fochesatto


Fashion designer Romina Fochesatto on creating a unique dress for a special day.

Romina FochesattoRomina Fochesatto

As long as I can remember I’ve been drawing Queens. Since I was 11 years old I’ve been researching about sewing secrets. From being 18 years old I’ve been studying Haute Couture techniques and Image Styling.

The biggest passion of my life is creating stunning looks for real women, looking to highlight their unique and particular beauty.

Romina FochesattoRomina Fochesatto

Don’t you think it would be amazing being able to create a singular design made especially for you from zero?

We can choose the best silhouette suitable for your natural beauty, selecting the right colour range for your skin and making the textile design that reflects your personality the most.

Creating a bespoke bridal gown takes about 6 months of dedication, love and a strong bond between the bride and the designer. In return, the result is a very special chapter of your life when you are not only buying a dress but being part of that magical experience of bringing the bridal look of your dreams to reality.

Be unique, build your own style.

Romina FochesattoRomina Fochesatto

For a more intimate experience of privacy and exclusivity, I decide not to have a store. Our meetings happen in a place where only you and me and the people that you choose can see the design in process. Be that in your house or in my studio, wherever you feel more comfortable.

To ask any questions, make any enquiries or to book an appointment, please send your messages to: - rominafochesatto@gmail.com

Romina FochesattoRomina Fochesatto

- @studio.rominafochesatto on Instagram and Facebook

- Direct chat on www.rominafochesatto.com

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