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PUBLISHED: 16:02 17 February 2010 | UPDATED: 16:44 20 February 2013

Winsford Through Time

Winsford Through Time

Bookshelf, compiled by Emma Mayoh

Regency Cheshire
By Sue Wilkes, 20, Robert Hale Publishing, and

Regency Cheshire, set in an age of style and elegance, explores the scandals, sports and pastimes of the great county families. Their glittering lifestyle is contrasted with conditions for humble farmers and factory workers. The Prince Regent and his friends danced and feasted while cotton and silk workers starved. Balls and bear-baiting; highwaymen and hangings; riots and reform: Regency Cheshire tells the story of county life during the age of Beau Brummell, Walter Scott and Jane Austen.
Cuddington author Sue Wilkes is a creative writing tutor specialising in non-fiction. Her first book Narrow Windows, Narrow Lives, told of what everyday life was like for Victorian working families in her Lancashire birthplace.

Winsford Through Time
By Paul Hurley, 12.99, Amberley Publishing,

Delve into the illustrious history of this fine Cheshire town with author Paul Hurley. Reproduced in full colour, this is an exciting examination of Winsford, the well-known streets, the famous faces and what they meant to the people in the town throughout the 19th and 20th century.
Paul has been a freelance writer since retiring from the police force in 2002. He works from his Winsford home.

From Crewe to the Cape Diary of a Railway Town during the Boer War
By Mark Potts, Tony Marks and Howard Curran, 10.99, available from all good book shops

Learn about Crewes involvement in the Boer War. This railway town sent more men to the conflict than any other comparably sized town in England or Wales. Discover the 2nd Cheshire Royal Engineers involvement in the South African campaign as the largest army from one single employer, The Railway Company, as well as finding out about the ardent support of the people of Crewe for their men going to war. This book, containing many previously unpublished images, also includes personal letters from troops sent home to their families.
The book is the product of painstaking research by the three local authors who recount their previously untold piece of Crewe history.

A Conscript in Korea
By Neville Williams, 19.99, Pen and Sword Books Limited,

Neville Williams' remarkable story begins when he was doing National Service from his arrival at the Welsh Brigade Training Centre, Brecon, until he was demobbed in 1953. During this time he spent 12 months in Korea as part of the Commonwealth Division. Neville, born in Chester, captures the atmosphere of this grim, but almost forgotten war, where temperatures could drop to minus 45 and the spin monsoon were quickly followed by a humid, mosquito-laden period.

The Strangling of Satan
By Anthony Dickenson, AEG Publishing, available at

Meet Steve Dalton, an electronic graduate who lives in a sleepy Cheshire village. Little does he know that a business trip to Malaysia would turn his life upside down. He soon finds himself embroiled in a web of crime and Steve has to figure out if there is anyone he can trust.
This thriller is Cheshire author Anthony Dickenson's first novel and was inspired by his love for words and travel. He has already been published in professional and commercial magazines but starting writing seriously about two years ago.

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