The BAC Mono, the dream super car built in Holmes Chapel

PUBLISHED: 16:22 09 May 2011 | UPDATED: 19:20 20 February 2013

The BAC Mono, the dream super car built in Holmes Chapel

The BAC Mono, the dream super car built in Holmes Chapel

Two brothers from Runcorn have created the Mono - the supercar of their dreams

It is far from being the most practical car - it has nowhere to put your shopping and no passenger seat - but this supercar built by brothers from Runcorn, is sure to set hearts racing.

The Mono was designed by Ian and Neill Briggs to bring formula race car levels of handling, performance and thrill to the public road.

Its not practical transport, said older brother Ian. Thats not what it was designed for. It was designed for the thrill and the purity of the experience.

Modern luxury cars are so comfortable, its like having a portable living room, but this is about nothing other than the thrill of driving and feeling the wind in your face. Its designed to be used in the way some guys use motorbikes - for the thrill and the excitement of driving.

It isnt for everyone, in fact, it isnt for very many people - its a niche within a niche - but if we can sell maybe 50 a year well be happy. The car was launched in March and the early response from all over the world has been very encouraging.

The boys grew up in Runcorn and inherited their love of cars from dad, Glenn - Ians first memory is of sitting on his fathers shoulders at Oulton Park as a three-year-old. They both went on to work in the motor industry, Ian in design, Neill in engineering, and their company Adaptive Space has worked on projects for Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

But Ian added: It has always been the dream to have a small car company making a car a week or so, with the perfect design. The Mono is the car we wanted to own but nobody else made.

The market for this kind of car has opened up in the last decade or so and we wanted to create a car that was a perfect as possible, with no compromises.

The car, which has a top speed of 170mph and can accelerate to 60mph in just 2.8 seconds, was designed in Stuttgart where Ian lives and works and was built in Holmes Chapel under the name BAC, the Briggs Automotive Company.

And although their dad has always had a passion for motors, Ian said, he has never been able to afford the car of his dreams. So now his sons have built it, will a Mono - which carries a 79,950 price tag - soon be parked on the drive of Glenns Runcorn home?

It would be nice to give dad one of the cars, Ian added. Weve put years of investment into the project so now we are hopefully about to start seeing a return on that, maybe we will be able to give him something back. After all, it was him who infected us both with this in the first place.

A video of the BAC Mono uploaded to Youtube

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