Why you should move to Hale or Hale Barns

PUBLISHED: 08:33 26 July 2010 | UPDATED: 13:44 20 December 2014

Why you should move to Hale or Hale Barns

Why you should move to Hale or Hale Barns

It's easy to see why people want to live in Hale and Hale Barns. You've got a busy community, a high street packed with fantastic boutiques, bars, salons and restaurants

It’s easy to see why people want to live in Hale and Hale Barns. You’ve got a busy community, a high street packed with fantastic boutiques, bars, salons and restaurants with the River Bollin to one side and the convenience of the motorway networks to the other. There are also great schools, a thriving business community all set in this lovely, leafy suburb. Celebrity chef, Simon Rimmer, has his own restaurant in Hale and many footballers, television presenters and soap stars have chosen to set up home here.

Hale and Hale Barns are places where the community loves to get involved. You’ll find that the local cricket, tennis and football clubs are well supported and the local golf club is popular. If you want to while away an afternoon then there’s also a bowling club.

The area is also understandably popular because of its excellent commuter links. You’re within striking distance of the M6, M56 and the M62 making it easy to get around to most places in the north west. But you can also get out and about in lovely green spaces. There is Cotteril Clough, an ancient woodland and designated Site of Special Scientific Interest, which is near to the River Bollin as well as Halecroft Park, a winner of Britain’s Best Park competition, which was designed by renowned architect Edgar Wood. He also designed Royd House, an intriguing building with an intricately panelled front door and flat roof, in Hale Road

All of this, or course, comes with a high premium. Land Registry figures show that the average price of a home in Hale or Hale Barns is around the £380,000 mark, a massive £180,000 north of the UK average. They are two of the wealthiest places in the country and it shows. It’s all about big houses and even bigger budgets. Typical first time buyers need not apply. In fact, if you don’t have a very healthy bank balance, it’s probably best to stop torturing yourself and give it a wide berth.

High prices do not put people off and property is forever in high demand, so much so that some people have resorted to a practice called chain building. This is where homeowners swap homes with each other to make sure they can keep a property in the area.

When it comes to choosing a type of home, £5 million will buy you a new arts and crafts style home with six bedrooms and two million could get you an eight bedroom home near the golf club. At the other end you will find little under the £300,000 mark, which would get you a terraced home, possibly with parking.
You may have to jump through a few more hoops and you might have to spend a bit more money but I’m sure you would find Hale and Hale Barns is worth every penny. Go and see for yourself. 


Ups: Plenty. Great houses, great restaurants and bars, good school and plenty of local amenities.
Downs: Traffic can be an issue, property prices can be very high and your credit card could shoot up after you've enjoyed an afternoon shopping.
Schools: Stamford Park Infants School, 0161 928 4040; Stamford Park Junior School, 0161 928 3608; Hale Prep School, 0161 928 2386; Well Green County Primary School, 0161 980 3976; St Ambrose College, 0161 980 2711; Elmridge Primary School, 0161 980 4941; St Ambrose Preparatory School, 0161 903 9193.
Transport: Transport links are very good. Hale has its own railway station and a service runs every hour between Manchester and Chester, via Hale. Buses run more frequently though Hale to surrounding areas and the nearest airport is Manchester International Airport, less than three miles away.
Commuting: Hale and Hale Barns are ideal commuter places. Excellent motorway links through theM6, M56 and M62 make travel easy, traffic permitting.
Shops: Shopping fans will be in heaven in Hale. There is everything from independent boutiques selling the latest fashions and beauty salons offering pampering products to great delis and shops for foodie fanatics.
Restaurants/bars: Again, you're spoilt for choice whether you want to enjoy a casual night out with friends or get dressed up to the nines for a special night out.
Weekend fun: Get on your glad rags and hit the bars. Hale is a lively night out with a friendly atmosphere where people dress to impress. You can go out for lunch with friends or family in one of the areas restaurants or pubs or take some time out with a walk in Halecroft Park or at Cotteril Clough.

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