Why you should move to an equestrian property

PUBLISHED: 13:17 13 April 2011 | UPDATED: 19:11 20 February 2013

Why you should move to an equestrian property

Why you should move to an equestrian property

Why you should move to an equestrian property WORDS BY EMMA MAYOH

The prospect of having a home with a vast expanse of land is something most horse owners probably dream of. The lure of being able to provide good quality land and space for prized ponies is too difficult for many to resist. But the associated costs of buying a home with the land to match means that sometimes people choose to pay fees to stables and equestrian yards.

But, over recent years, this has started to change and if a horse owner is looking for somewhere long term, it could be more financially viable to
take the plunge and have their own land. Homes with equestrian facilities do not tend to hang around for long and often competition is fierce so it would be advisable to have a clear idea of your requirements before starting to look.

Properties can also come in very different guises. There are vast estates which can accommodate dozens of horses and may have their own galloping space, canter loops and many stables, or they could be smaller plots perfect for those who have just a few horses. As far as space is concerned, as a rough guide you would probably want at least two acres per horse as a minimum.

Whether you are a first time buyer of an equestrian property, or are looking for a new place for you and your horses to call home, there are several things to consider from the acreage to access, not only for your own vehicles but also to nearby bridleways and paths. Youll also have to think about the quality of the fencing, the security of the site and the proximity of the stables to the main house. It would be essential to install CCTV.

The state of the land is another important factor. For instance, if the land is full of weeds - some of which can be poisonous to horses and difficult to get rid of - it would be best to avoid.

Also, making such a large investment, you could lose sight of the fact that one day you may want to move on and make an even bigger investment. While you may start off with only a few horses, you may decide to add to your yard and could require a new house with more land, it is therefore essential to consider the resale opportunities.

In Cheshire, there are several bridleways to take advantage of, making it a great county to have this type of home. When it comes to thinking about what is available, too, the opportunities are endless. There is everything from a full racehorse training and stud farm on the market, complete with parade ring, hydrotherapy spa and 52 stables for the horses and an orchard and vineyard for the owners, to another with an Olympic size mnage and five paddocks. On a smaller scale there are equestrian homes with just a few stables, tack rooms and storage.

The main thing though, is to do as much planning and preparation as possible before you start looking, contact an agent who deals with this specialist field and take your time. This will put you in a great position once you find that perfect plot. There may be more things to consider than your average home buy but once you are settled in and your horses are running around the fields, it will be more than worth it.

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