Why you should move to a home with history

PUBLISHED: 11:50 10 November 2011 | UPDATED: 20:16 20 February 2013

Why you should move to a home with history

Why you should move to a home with history

Emma Mayoh investigates why you should move to a home with history

The allure of an historic home is understandable. The thought of the residents who inhabited the property for centuries before, the original beams, cravings and features that can still be seen and the historical importance of a building in a particular area can be very appealing to many of us.

Due to the richness of our county, there are plenty of homes with history: from picture postcard black and white timbered buildings to thatched cottages, old farmhouses and vast mansions. There are historic properties that have been retained and now serve as thriving tourist attractions. There are also fine properties that are now private homes and enjoyed only by the lucky owners.

Platts Hall, in the grounds of the Bostock Hall estate, dates back to 1631. The building had gone to rack and ruin and was originally located in Lostock, near Northwich. In the late 1800s it was sold and the farm became a chemical plant, which still exists today.

But in 1998, developer PJ Livesey Heritage Group worked with expert archaeologists to relocate the house and move it piece-by-piece to its current location. Inside you can still see those original beams and many features - alongside new additions made by owners over the years.
But having a home steeped in history doesnt necessarily mean having to live in an old interior. Many developers take old buildings and transform the interiors into contemporary apartments and homes.

With any purchase of an historic home there are several things that do need to be considered. Owning a property with so much character does mean more responsibility to maintain it. This can mean a lot more expense. Also, any changes you would like to make to your home can be restrictive as it is important that the historic character of the building is not affected.

Buyers in the main do not seem to have been put off by this, with many people still clamouring for their own piece of history. The best thing to do is find out for yourself. Get out and about in the county and enjoy discovering the wealth of opportunities open to you.

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