Why you should move to a Country home

PUBLISHED: 17:24 05 May 2011 | UPDATED: 19:19 20 February 2013

Why you should move to a Country home

Why you should move to a Country home

Why you should move to a Country home WORDS BY EMMA MAYOH

Welcome to the Cheshire countryside. The rural villages and country charms of our county are unbeatable. There are panoramic vistas of lush green fields and spectacular views over the Cheshire Plain to enjoy that are enhanced by some of our best known landmarks including Jodrell Bank and Beeston Castle. On a clear day you might catch a glimpse of the Welsh hills in the distance too.

Dotted around these beautiful landscapes are picture postcard villages that keep the heart of rural Cheshire beating. From Malpas to Dunham Massey and Bollington to Eccleston there are thriving communities dedicated to preserving the history of the rural retreats they call home.

Locations around Delamere Forest are understandably popular because there are beautiful places to visit and a high quality of living on offer. Home buyers wanting to balance country living with the convenience a city brings also jostle for property in the countryside around Chester. To the edges of our county, too, prospective buyers are lured towards the beauty of many places in North Wales and Wirral.

There are several advantages to living in the countryside too. The health benefits of living away from urban pollution are obvious - the air will certainly be cleaner. In Cheshire, you also have a wealth of farmers and local producers providing some of the best food from their land that give even more health benefits. There are also, usually, lower crime levels and there is more space for properties while in congested cities accommodation is often limited to apartments. Youre more likely to have a garden and space around your house to enjoy and you will be surrounded by flora and fauna.

But one of the main positives for living in the countryside is the feeling of community. In most cases, youre probably more likely to know your neighbour then you would in a more populated area because people take more of an interest in their local village. You could live a more social life, despite being in a place that is more isolated.

These massive plus points for a life in the country must be considered with the down points. Convenience and access to facilities and services can be an issue. One of the major things to consider though is that all the benefits of being in the countryside mean properties come at a premium. Expect to pay at least 500,000 for a small rural home with prices leaping far clear of the million pound mark for large country piles.

But if having your own rural home is something you have always hoped for, it may just be worth the financial stretch. The best thing to do is get out there and investigate what our beautiful county has to offer.

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