Interiors Advice – 2014 is the year of the rug

PUBLISHED: 14:09 03 February 2014 | UPDATED: 14:12 03 February 2014

Premier super washed Floral Rug.

Premier super washed Floral Rug.


Frith Rugs advise us on choosing the right rug and making it the centrepiece of your home decoration

Emma Claire Vibrance RugEmma Claire Vibrance Rug

2014: The Year of the Rug?

We are now at the end of January 2014 and some of the 2014 interior decoration trends are already being set. Some very big names in the world of fashion have been incorporating rugs into their showcase and runway themes, including both Valentino and Paul Smith.

The Valentino menswear show featured a woven rug as a makeshift runway and Paul Smith fashion went one step further by actually hosting their event inside a rug shop with a circle of Persian rugs grabbing the attention of attendees.

The high profile use of these rugs has brought up the question of is 2014 going to be a year that sees rugs become an integral home decorating trend and if so how can you incorporate them in your home?

Think Simple

Simplistic designs and themes seem to be growing year on year and we predict that 2014 isn’t going to be any different. What you must remember when going for a simplistic design is that simplistic is not just another word for boring! If you do go for the white wall minimalistic look then consider using a bright woven or modern rug as a centrepiece. The simple colours of your room will accent the colours and design of your rug without sacrificing your simple and clean feel.

White or plain walls essentially make the rest of your room a canvas. This is where you should be adding details, colours and furniture to make the room your own. In our experience the Ella Claire rug collection ‘Vibrance’ is a particularly good range to choose from for simplistic room designs.

Go Vintage

Thanks to the shabby chic trend of 2013, vintage is now a growing theme across all forms of fashion from Wedding styles to interior design.

If you are looking to set a vintage theme in your home, complete with antique furniture and accessories then we would recommend that you set the purchase of an Oriental rug as a priority. Some of the Oriental rug styles available today are very similar to the styles of common rugs in the 1920s and 30s both in colour and design.

In particular we love the Premier Superwashed ‘Floral’ range of oriental rugs, none of which will look out of place in a room with a vintage theme.

If you have a consistent vintage design then you might also consider a hall runner from the same manufacturer, Premier Superwashed also do beautiful hall runners that will compliment any vintage themed interior.

Just Match Your Current Colours

If you are unsure about changing the look or feel of your interior as it is then you should just take a trip down to a local rug store or even visit an online retailer of rugs to browse their range and find one that you think would suit your current design. Bear in mind if you do shop online that some rugs can look different in reality and therefore you should try to see the rug first hand before you buy.

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