BeoPlay A6 - The Sound of Summer

PUBLISHED: 10:35 21 April 2016 | UPDATED: 16:28 22 April 2016

BeoPlay A6

BeoPlay A6


With summer on the way bringing with it longer days and later nights, our thoughts turn to spending more time doing what we love, whether it’s gardening, cooking, reading, painting or just sitting in a favourite comfortable chair watching the sun set and listening to truly great music.

Thanks to the latest advances in audio technology, great sound is available to you wherever you are, whether inside your home or out in the open.

The BeoPlay A6 from Bang and Olufsen is a premium one-point next generation wireless speaker that looks as good as it sounds and is portable enough to be moved from room to room, indoors to outdoors, with very little effort.

Sleek and stylishSleek and stylish

Sleek and stylish, with crystal clear expressive sound and a deep textured bass, the A6 will play any content from any source or device – including music from an iPhone or iPad over Airplay, from an android phone or tablet via Bluetooth, from a shared network hard drive or from one of the many streaming platforms such as Spotify or internet radio app, TuneIn.

In true Scandinavian style, Bang & Olufsen has provided the A6 with a minimalist exterior that is in stark contrast to the complex technology found on the inside.

A perforated back panel allows a fifth speaker, a 38mm full–range driver, to bounce sound backwards.A perforated back panel allows a fifth speaker, a 38mm full–range driver, to bounce sound backwards.

It’s a perfect balance of form and function; the A6’s gently curved shape, almost boomerang-like, allows the perfect angling of it’s forward facing speakers - two 14cm woofers and a pair of 20mm tweeters. A perforated back panel allows a fifth speaker, a 38mm full–range driver, to bounce sound backwards.

All of that technology is hidden behind a beautifully simple yet stylish wool cover, the result of a collaboration between Bang & Olufsen and Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat. The cover is available in a choice of colours to match your interior design – from pale grey as standard to optional dark grey, dark rose or dusty blue – and if you choose to redecorate don’t worry, the covers are interchangeable and easily clip on and off.

The simplicity of the design extends to the intuitive tap and swipe controls located along the top of the device. Just swipe your fingers along the top to increase or decrease the volume, tap the middle for playback or standby mode, tap the right to change input and the left to turn the A6 on or off.

The BeoPlay A6 can be mounted on a wall or placed on a surface, and features special sound settings to optimise sound for each position; ‘wall’, ‘table’ or ‘corner’. The A6 can be used in isolation or as part of Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLink Multiroom system where you can pair it with another BeoPlay device or even a BeoVision Avant TV.

Beautifully simple yet stylish wool coverBeautifully simple yet stylish wool cover

Hear the true sound of the A6 for yourself at Bang & Olufsen’s stunning new Wilmslow showroom and find out more about the full BeoPlay range and the versatility of the BeoLink Multiroom system.

Click here for more information and for the chance to win a new BeoPlay A1 portable Bluetooth speaker.

Visit Bang & Olufsen of Wilmslow.

50 Alderley Road, Wilmslow, SK9 1NY

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