9 things to consider when deciding on your next sofa

PUBLISHED: 16:16 26 September 2017 | UPDATED: 16:16 26 September 2017

Colours to soothe; contemporary style from Julia Jones

Colours to soothe; contemporary style from Julia Jones


Founded in 1970 by Julia Jones, this wonderful furniture, lighting and homeware store is now in the sure hands of Julia’s son Rob and daughter Zeta. Here Rob has some advice about how to choose the right sofa for your needs and your space

Modern styling for a contemporary homeModern styling for a contemporary home

1. How many do you need it to sit?

2. How do you sit? Do you sit neatly upright, sprawl or slouch, do you like to curl up on your side, sit snuggled up together, do you like to recline, do you need head support? These are important questions and will lead you to the right form of sofa for you; for example: if you like stretching out on a sofa or snuggling in a corner, then a corner sofa is for you. If not, then you can look at standard sofas too.

3. What’s your style? Modern or traditional?

4. Do you prefer fabric or leather?

5. What access will you need to get your sofa into the room. Small modular pieces are ideal for easier access. The width of the door or staircase will determine if you need a low back or if you can get a high back sofa through the door. There’s nothing worse than having the excitement of a new piece of furniture arrive only to realise you can’t get it into the room.

6. What do you use the sofa for? If it’s purely for watching TV then something low, soft and squashy will work, but if you entertain a lot then something firmer and with higher seating might be a better option.

7. Think of the sofas arms. Small arms make sofas look compact, wide arms makes the sofa look larger so ideal for filling a bigger space.

8. Don’t be put off by light fabric or leather. At Julia Jones we offer a 5-year care plan on both types which will take the worry out of spills or rips (leather only).

9. Should you be considering a sofa at all? If you like to sit upright, or need something to help you stand, perhaps a new armchair is the best option!

In summary, have a good think about what works for you and how you sit; consider what you’re going to use the sofa for mainly, then choose the sofa that suits you best.

At Julia Jones we are the only destination in this area where you can find the latest furniture, lighting and homeware sourced from contemporary European designers.

Each product is personally selected by Rob for quality, comfort, practicality and value while paying close attention to current trends and styles, offering the latest inspiration and products. His extensive product knowledge and attention to detail, the understanding of our clients’ needs and the relationship that we build with our regular clients - knowing what they require we can then make recommendations to support their decision - is what makes the team at Julia Jones stand apart from larger stores.

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