The Cheshire Life On Line Pub Guide

PUBLISHED: 11:39 02 June 2010 | UPDATED: 15:59 20 February 2013

The Cheshire Life On Line Pub Guide

The Cheshire Life On Line Pub Guide

If you are looking for a definition of an un adventurous drinker in Cheshire, then you are looking at the guy who goes to the same pub, sits at the same table, cracks the same jokes and drinks the same beer every single night.The Cheshire Life...


The French call it 'ambiance', the Irish call it 'craic' and in Cheshire we like to think of it as 'good cheer'. It's that very special atmosphere of a good pub that can be found nowhere else in Europe.

It's the quality of the beer, the friendliness of the welcome, the chat and gossip around the bar: and even grumpy old Jack in the corner mumbling into his half of mild that 'nostalgia ain't what it used to be'.

The crossbred lurcher at his feet growls a grumbling agreement. It's also the bonny barmaid, serving a foaming pint with a smile that would flatten the hills above Bollington: come on boys, a little froth and fantasy is part of the allure of a hospitable hostelry. And then there is the quality of the food.

There's an old joke about the chap staring at the ploughman's lunch and complaining: 'I could never afford that.' 'And who are you?' asks the landlord. 'I'm the ploughman,' was the bleak reply.

Nowadays the range and variety of pub food would begin to rival European cuisine, particularly where the chef takes note of local provenance. Cheshire potatoes, Cheshire cream, Cheshire cheese: low food miles meet high local content. From beef to wild boar, from Tatton venison to Welsh lamb, from Conwy plaice to Parkgate shrimps, you'll find it all on your Cheshire doorstep. And as the old proverb says:'I've been doing some serious thinking A thought has come into my head If you don't get a drink while you're living You'll have a hell of a thirst when dead'.

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