Restaurant review - Rajdoot, Manchester

PUBLISHED: 00:00 14 July 2014




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Subterranean restaurant serving authentic north Indian cuisine and boasting a history stretching back to 1966, when it was, so it is claimed, ‘the first Tandoori restaurant in Europe’. With the constant churn of new city centre eating places, it’s easy to forget about old-timers like the Rajdoot. Don’t. It’s still a gem.


We started with the Rajdoot meat platter (£12.95 for two) - tandoori delicacies including chicken shashlik, a deliciously charred and smoky-tasting tandoori chicken, and a shish kebab simply zinging with fenugreek.

A main of Makhan chicken (£11.45) teamed the creaminess of butter yoghurt with the sharpness of tomatoes, cinnamon and cloves - a very rich and satisfying mix. Chicken Jhol, a Nepalese speciality, put chicken tikka in a spicy tomato sauce with ginger, garlic, coriander and fenugreek - warming, spicy and full-flavoured.

Plenty of vegetarian options and a good array of tandoori starters.

The chili and coriander nan bread (£2.95) was liberally streaked with fresh coriander, and the Peshwari nan (£3.05) - one of the best I’ve had - was so honey-laced it was sticky.

Decor and ambience

Sumptuous combination of red leather and brass with wooden sculptures, hanging lanterns and paintings, creating a ‘Moglai-inspired’ interior. Proper sultry Indian restaurant music, too.


Unobtrusive and efficient.


Three courses each for around £50! Good value.

Rajdoot, Carlton House, 18 Albert Square, Manchester M2 5PR, 0161 834 2176


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