The Cheshire Life Pizza by Ring O’Bells, Christleton

PUBLISHED: 15:00 13 November 2013 | UPDATED: 15:00 13 November 2013

The finished Ring O’Bells pizza!

The finished Ring O’Bells pizza!


The Ring O’Bells in Christleton commemorated being named the 2013 Cheshire Life Dining Pub of the Year by introducing a new pizza to their range. The Cheshire Life Pizza includes Cheshire Cheese, Slow Cooked Local Beef, Creamed Horseradish & Tomato.

The Ring O’Bells at Christleton are renowned for their pizza, but you can recreate this at home, even if you are not lucky enough to own a pizza oven.

This may seem like a lengthy & labourious recipe but really it’s not… Above all it’s what cooking should be, fresh & fun.

For The Dough;

1kg ‘OO’ Flour

2g Fresh Yeast

600ml Cold Water

30g Table Salt

Dissolve the yeast in the water

In a food mixer (using the paddle attachment) combine all the ingredients, mix on a medium speed for 10-15 mins.

Remove dough & place on a floured surface, divide into 100g balls, place in an airtight floured container , lightly flouring the tops of the dough as well as the container & leave to rest (minimum of 8 hours, maximum of 48)

For The Tomato Sauce;

1 Tin of Good Quality Tomatoes

A Good Pinch of Salt

A Handful of Fresh Basil Leaves

Using a stick blender / liquidizer, combine all ingredients & blitz until smooth, set aside in the fridge until needed

For The Braised Beef;

8oz Diced Beef Shin

6oz Finely Diced Root Vegetables

A splash of Oil

100ml Red Wine

2 Tablespoons Plain Flour

1 Pint Good Beef Stock

1 Tablespoon Fresh Thyme

Salt & Pepper (to season)

Fry the beef in the oil in a pre heated ovenproof pan, when browned remove, now sweat the veg & thyme in the meat fat, when they are softened add the red wine & reduce by half &then turn down the heat

Sprinkle in the flour, mix thoroughly & cook out the flour for a couple of minutes, add the beef stock, stir thoroughly.

Return the beef to the pan &mix in, cover with a lid &simmer until the meat is tender.

When this has happened, take the lid off, place on a high heat & reduce the liquid until thick, now season to taste &leave to cool.

Assembling The Pizza;

2 Balls of Buffalo Mozzarella (Drained overnight)

150g Finely Grated Cheshire Cheese

Watercress to garnish

Fine Semolina to roll with

Horseradish Sauce, thinned down with some Double Cream

Find a thick based frying pan that has a metal / ovenproof handle & place it on the hob over a high heat, at the same time switch your grill on to high

Scrape one dough out of the container & place on a semolina dredged surface, roll as thin as you can with a rolling pin keeping the shape as round as you can whilst not going any bigger than the pan!

Pick the base up & place in what should now be a red hot DRY pan, leave for about a minute & a half, this should give you a nicely coloured bottom of the pizza, remove the pan from the heat

Spread a thin layer of the sauce, leaving a couple of cm round the edge for a crust, sprinkle some Cheshire & ripped mozzarella & a few small dollops of the beef, then place under the hot grill & cook until the cheeses are melted & the dough has browned, transfer onto a warmed plate, drizzle the horseradish, scatter the watercress & you are done, repeat the process until you have fed everyone….you may find that you have far too much dough but this will freeze perfectly.

If you want to leave it to the experts visit the Ring O’Bells at Village Road, Christleton

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