Imperial Earl Grey Pornstar Martini cocktail recipe

PUBLISHED: 18:38 28 April 2015 | UPDATED: 18:43 28 April 2015

Imperial Earl Grey Pornstar Martini cocktail

Imperial Earl Grey Pornstar Martini cocktail


Nate Booker bar manager at Mr Coopers House and Garden by Simon Rogan has created a rather cheeky little cocktail

I love the original Pornstar Martini (invented by Douglas Ankhra, of the bartending mecca LAB in Soho) but felt it needed a revamp. The fruity and vanilla notes of the rum, the smooth white chocolate liqueur lifted by the zingy fresh lemon and rounded off with the dry, regal oolong of the Earl Grey really give the essence of the original but are also forward thinking and fresh. My drink is about balance; it’s a refined, classy and very tasteful, but still with that element of fun.

I work a lot with tea in cocktails and we use a fantastic tea blender called Quinteassential. All of their teas are like cocktails; each expressing a different story or inspiration similar to the way I make my drinks. The Imperial Earl Grey has milky oolong, with bergamot and a touch of vanilla. It’s a star in its own right but really expresses in my drink.

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Vintage Pornstar

40ml El Dorado 3 Year White Rum

10ml Cartron White Chocolate Liqueur

5ml Vanilla Syrup

10ml Passion Fruit Syrup

30ml Imperial Earl Grey Tea

20ml Fresh Lemon Juice

15ml Egg White

Prepare and chill a sleek coupette glass.

Put all of the ingredients into the bottom of your favourite cocktail shaker.

Put the shaker together and shake without ice until you can’t hear it (this is called a ‘Dry Shake’).

You need to hold the shaker together tight! Open it up, add fresh ice and shake again to dilute.

Strain into your coupette, garnish with a sprinkle of earl grey tea

Drink a shot of prosecco as a palate cleanser. Delicious!

Mr Coopers House and Garden by Simon Rogan

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