Foreman & Johnstone purveyors of fine coffee

PUBLISHED: 09:49 09 September 2011 | UPDATED: 19:48 20 February 2013

Foreman & Johnstone purveyors of fine coffee

Foreman & Johnstone purveyors of fine coffee

Foreman & Johnstone talk about their passion for coffee

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When we set out on this journey we had three things on our mind.

The best coffee we could find, served by a Barista who cares about your experience and delivered in a unique and interesting way.

We found the Italian coffee company LavAzza had an ethos and product we could passionately represent. LavAzza have a history second to none within the coffee world, with almost one in three households in over eighty countries drinking their coffee.

When we talk about LavAzza, we're talking about quality thats been built up over a century of experience, which is now at your service.

The guarantee of quality from their brand comes from the dedicated work of LavAzza people and the innovative use of technology.

The only way to serve Italian coffee is Italian style, and what better way that the quirky and eye catching Ape`! These little vans can be found nipping through the chaotic streets of Rome or the country lanes of Tuscany

So, we deliver the finest Italian coffee, from a eye catching Italian van, served by a trained Barista all brought to your event!


We thrilled that LavAzza are now the official supplier to the Championships. Wimbledons values, are so consistent with Lavazzas amongst them the heritage, tradition, authenticity and an excellent experience.

In Italy, Lavazza is as iconic in terms of coffee as Wimbledon is for tennis in the UK. Coffee is very much part of the social fabric of life and Wimbledon is a major social occasion, as well as a world class tennis event.

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