Chef profile - John Thomson, The Coast, Tarporley

PUBLISHED: 19:22 16 September 2014 | UPDATED: 19:22 16 September 2014

Chef. John Thompson

Chef. John Thompson


John Thomson from The Coast in Tarporley talks about food and shares his recipe for a Seafood Platter

Coast restaurant;  Seafood RoyalCoast restaurant; Seafood Royal

Who was your inspiration and why?

I spent my childhood in Italy with my grandmother who cooked for a family of 12 every day. My uncle brought fresh fish from the boats which we cooked together, so this was my earliest inspiration. After I became a chef, Francesco Guarracino, whom I worked in partnership with at Chicchettis. He is not only a fantastic chef but an amazing person.

What celebrity would you love to cook for and what would you make them?

I would love to cook for Sophia Loren. My uncle cooked for her at the restaurant Romeo Salta in New York, and their photograph has pride of place in The Coast. I would make her the best Spaghetti Vongole she has ever tasted.

Who is your favourite celebrity chef?

The Roux brothers were the godfathers of modern restaurant cuisine in the UK and inspired a new generation of chefs, 
including me, to view the job as a vocation.

What ingredients could you not live without?

Simple. Salt and pepper. No dish is complete until it is properly seasoned.

What is your favourite local produce?

Seven Sisters ice cream of Peover. All the flavours are made from my recipes.

What do you like to cook at home?

My wife Lilly is Thai, so we cook a lot of that at home. I love the simplicity of Thai food - it’s so honest, clean and spicy.

What dish would you order in a restaurant?

Fish , fish, fish. Cooking fish properly is a real test of a chef’s ability, and anyway, I just love it, especially Brodetto which I have on the menu at The Coast.

What is the best dish you’ve been served at a dinner party?

Thai salmon salad. My wife cooked this at a Valentine’s night dinner for me and friends, and again ,the beauty of it is the simplicity.

Chef profile

John Thomson

The Coast,

67 High Street


CW6 0DP.

Tel 01829 730785.

The Coast Seafood Platter


Fresh mussels 250 g.

Fresh clams 250 g.

Large scallop 4

Large king prawn shell off 6

Large tiger prawn shell on 4

White wine 100 ml

Chop clove of garlic 6

Chop parsley 100 g.

Lemon juice 2

Lemon cut in half 1

Butter 100 g.

Chop red chilli 2

Olive oil 30 ml


2 large sauté pans

4 wooden skewers

1 tray


1. Heat the pan, add oil and garlic, butter and stir

2. Add shell off prawn, mussels and clam, white wine. Stir and cover for two minutes.

3. Add salt and pepper. Chop parsley then keep it warm.

4. In the other pan, add oil and cook the tiger prawn, scallop, seasoning. Add white wine, butter and parsley.

5. Stick the wooden skewers into the half lemon, place on the tray.

6. Arrange the king prawn on the skewer, put all seafood around the king prawn and pour the juice over all the seafood. Serve with garlic bread.

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