Is this the secret to growing a happy school?

PUBLISHED: 11:06 30 July 2015 | UPDATED: 11:06 30 July 2015

Annual charity bike ride to Buckingham Palace

Annual charity bike ride to Buckingham Palace


A top academic Cheshire school is making no apologies for placing the health and wellbeing of its pupils at the top of its list of priorities.

Students resting after annual charity bike rideStudents resting after annual charity bike ride

The Queen’s School in Chester says that having happy, healthy and confident pupils is the best way for them to not only achieve academically but also develop as young women to lead successful, fulfilling lives.

The school for girls aged 4-18 is based on two sites within Chester city centre. It has long held a reputation for academic excellence and a nurturing approach to learning.

The school's annual wellbeing festivalThe school's annual wellbeing festival

The Fitness For All strategy was developed after national research showed a large drop off in girls taking part in sport and fitness activities during their teenage years. The school’s strategy has seen many more activities such as yoga, pilates, rugby, rowing and sailing added to the sports curriculum and offered through lunchtime and after school clubs.

They also organise an annual charity bike ride to Buckingham Palace and an annual wellbeing festival to enable girls to learn how a healthy body and a healthy mind are essential for a long, successful and happy life.

Students taking part in the annual wellbeing festivalStudents taking part in the annual wellbeing festival

The School’s Headmistress Sarah Clark explained: “For us, a healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind. It is empowering for a young girl to learn that even a small change to a routine can make a huge difference and the benefits of exercise include things like staying focussed, relaxed and clear-headed. We have our fair share of elite athletes at Queen’s but not everyone is going to be able to win medals or represent their country. Sometimes just having a go is good enough and finding a physical activity that you enjoy can be absolutely life changing - particularly for a teenage girl. Here we have normalised exercise and fitness; it is simply part of what we do every day and because of the school’s nurturing ethos, girls feel able to have a go at things even if they are complete beginners.”

To view the video for the Healthy Body Healthy Mind Festival click here

If you would like to contact the school to find out more about the Fitness For All strategy or enquire about a place for your daughter contact Admissions Officer Mrs Jane Taylor on 01244 312078.

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